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Unlike laser hair removal, intense pulsed light hair removal offers a faster, more efficient and more comfortable treatment than laser hair removal. Intense pulsed light is a different type of laser hair removal that uses a different light wavelength compared to traditional laser hair removal techniques. The pulsed light hair removal treatment was designed to remove unwanted hair with a light pulse that destroys the hair germ cell. Book an appointment with doctor Adi today and finally get rid of unwanted hair.

The eco alternative to granite


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What is ECO by Cosentino?

ECO by Cosentino is a new, eco-friendly decor and construction product that is created from 75% recycled materials. It is aesthetically beautiful and is available in 10 designer colors. It has a variety of decorative and construction project uses, including bathroom surfaces and kitchen countertops. It could be considered the eco-friendly alternative to the granite kitchen countertop or the quartz countertop.

ECO by Consentino ECO by Cosentino is expertly manufactured with only the highest environmentally-friendly standards. It is comprised of mostly recycled materials, including glass from recycled bottles and old windows, mirrors from buildings and houses, porcelain from recycled tiles, sinks, china and decorative items, glass from consumer recycling practices and industrial furnace residuals in the form of vitrified ash from factories. Even the water used in the manufacturing process is eco-friendly; 94% of it is reused.

Comprehensive research and development have gone into ECO by Cosentino. This state-of-the-art product is created using processes that comply with the highest of environmental standards, making it highly sustainable. Reusing post-consumer and post-industrial materials at the end of their life cycle helps to conserve the planet’s natural resources.  Durable yet malleable, the recycled elements of ECO are bound together using an environmentally friendly resin derived in part from corn oil.

ECO by Consentino

The ECO surface performs very well against stains, scratches and scorching. It is extremely hard and non-porous, requiring no sealers. The hardness rating of ECO tends to be between 5 and 7 on the Mohs scale. It has an extremely low rate of water absorption, making it an ideal choice for kitchen surfaces and bathrooms.  It is a multi-purpose, aesthetically pleasing, sustainable and practical product that is the culmination of many years of research and development.

This new, innovative product embodies sustainability plus superior design. It is a whole new category and generation of recycled surfaces and is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional countertop finishes.

The result is a compact and extremely durable surface that is highly resistant to chipping, scratching and effects from chemical products. ECO by Cosentino is an eco-friendly product with unparalleled quality and style, suitable for both decoration and construction uses. An ECO countertop is the perfect choice for the “green” minded consumer looking to leave as small a carbon footprint as possible.

Some tips to make your bathroom greener


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Just like the rest of the house, the bathroom can also be adapted to reduce energy and water consumption and to be more environmentally friendly. Currently, the bathroom accounts for over 65% of the overall water consumed in a house; approximately 15% of the electricity bill is for heating that water! Here are various tips to decrease consumption, cut down on your bill and reduce your ecological footprint!

shower The shower head

A standard shower head uses an average of 14 liters per minute (LPM), while a high efficiency shower head uses 6. For an extra $15, it’s worth the investment, and it saves a lot of hot water!




The toilet is one of the largest consumers of water in the bathroom with an average of 14 liters per flush (LPF). Get a low-volume toilet and bring this average down to 3 LPF! And the price of a low-volume toilet is the same as that of a regular one!


The faucets

Thanks to an aerator installed in the valve, a low-flow faucet (about $ 70) allows you to use an average of 5.7 LPM, instead of 16 with a standard faucet. The aerator sends more air out with the water through a system of grids, which increases the pressure. In doing so, water flow is reduced while maintaining the same jet power as a conventional tap.

Cleaning products

Finally, to reduce your ecological footprint, when washing your sink, bathroom vanity, toilet, bath or shower you can use the many eco-friendly certified cleaning products that are now available on the market. Check the labels for the mentions EcoLogo and Ecocert in order to ensure that the products are really eco-friendly.

If you want to go even further in protecting the environment, there are many common food products that can be used to perform simple tasks! Lemon juice, for example, removes grease and stains on mirrors, baking soda can help unclog pipes and vinegar removes grease on windows.


What to do with our old electronic devices?


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Electronics RecyclingElectronics have made our lives both simpler and more exciting.  If you are like most people, you have a bunch.  How could you live without your cellphone, laptop and game player?

Chances are, like most people, you have a few that are broken or have been neglected so long that you can’t remember if they  work or not.  You hate to toss them in the trash because you are know that they contain some toxins like arsenic or mercury.  It’s time to clean out that back closet, so what are you going to do with them?

Donate them. Do an internet search for a local agency that actually wants your broken computer. Some schools will take them for their classes.  If you can’t find somewhere local, look for the National Christina Foundation online.  They work with the disadvantaged and disabled, teaching them marketable skills like computer repair.

Computers RecyclingRecycle them. Many retail stores that sell a lot of electronic gadgets also have some sort of electronics recycling policy.  Staples, for instance, will take most electronics or electronic component parts although they charge for taking the old, heavy cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors and TVs.

Most places will charge something for CRTs since it takes special equipment to recover their heavy metals.  If you can’t find a place that will take them for free, make the sacrifice and pay the fee for old-style computers recycling; the average CRT contains over 2 pounds of toxic lead.

Some companies are also specialized in the recycling of computer.

Sell them. If you have some old device electronics that do still work, try putting them up on e-bay.  They’re not old – they’re classic.  Have you ever seen what video games from the 80s sell for on sell-or-pawn reality shows?

Trade them. Some retailers will take old, even broken, devices and give you some trade credit for a new device.  Apple retail stores, for example, will give you a 10% discount on a new device if you bring in an old one.  Even if the old one is broken, they will recycle it for you and still give you the discount.

Recycle electronics

Keep using them. Some devices are so versatile that if they can’t perform all of their functions they are still useful for others.  A cell phone that won’t work with your new phone company can still take great pictures and maybe access the internet.  You can give it to a child as a safety precaution since all working cell phones can still be used to call 911 whether they are associated with a phone service or not.

It takes a little effort and imagination to recycle electronics.  However, disposing of them properly is rewarding both for you and the planet.

How does a data management system helps the environment?



Data management systems can help the environment by providing the power to analyse data that is collected regarding environmental issues. While politicians and scientists are able to assess this raw data, a data management system can organize it into a format that makes analysis simpler. Sophisticated software is able to identify trends in collected samples, before presenting it in a way that allows analysts to draw their own conclusions.

Clinical Data Management Software

This type of technology is often used in meteorology for producing accurate weather forecasts, as their computers are powerful enough to calculate the possibility of an upcoming weather event. This is carried out by comparing current weather readings to historical algorithms.

In any data analysis for the environment, the whole process begins with some form of electronic data capture. An example of this could be a collection of sensors that monitor air quality by taking readings of harmful substances in the atmosphere. An automated system would be programmed to take data at regular intervals, and a central computer can then collate the data from a number of locations.

Clinical Data Management SoftwareSophisticated data collection systems also have ‘trigger points’ that lead to extra readings. In the above example, it could be programmed to collect information on a more frequent basis when a particular chemical reaches a high level.

A real life example of the above system was involved in the decision making process regarding the Congestion Charge in London. As the decision to charge inner-city rush hour motorists was a tricky political issue, Transport For London (the city authority) installed a number of sensors to collect pollution data.

Their intention was to show that the number of motorists was reducing because of the extra fee, and this would be based on evidence showing reducing pollution levels. Every annual report that has been published since the year that the fee was introduced (2003) shows a reduction in harmful emissions, and this research was made possible with the use of data management systems.

Clinical Data Management SoftwareClinical data management software is very similar to the software that is used for environmental analysis. Verifying the accuracy of entered data is an automated process, and the software is able to spot collected information that does not fit in with regular trends. This will then be flagged for a ‘second opinion’, which involves checking by a human user. This ensures that this data is not instantly discarded.

How the farm machinery is getting greener


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When people say that farms are becoming ‘greener’, they are actually saying that farm machinery is becoming more fuel-efficient. In addition to this, the machines have lower levels of fuel emissions and this reduces their overall impact on the environment.

In the past, tractors and other agricultural vehicles were marketed from the point of view of reducing operating costs. However, an increased awareness of global environmental issues has encouraged manufacturers to give equal emphasis to the ‘green’ element of their product lines. In the current financial climate, farmers may argue that keeping costs down is a top priority in comparison to environmental concerns.

Kioti tracteur

In order to address environmental issues, Kioti is actively developing agricultural engines that could be considered as a ‘green’ choice. In February 2013, the US based manufacturer announced the launch of their new Daedong Tier 4 ECO Common Rail Diesel Engine.

This product launch involved a rigorous amount of testing, and the company claimed that nitrogen oxide, hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide levels were significantly lower than in previous engine models. When the engines were tested in prolonged periods of extreme conditions, the emissions were still relatively low. Worldwide changes in emission laws require all off-road diesel engines to be developed with reduced emissions in mind.

Gravely produces a range of smaller agricultural machines, including lawn mowers and landscaping machines. Their environmentally-friendly credentials were put on show during the Gulf Oil Spill in 2010, when their Rapid E 2-Wheeled Tractor was considered to be the only option suitable for cleaning beach sand.

GravelyOne of their claims was that this tractor uses 10% of the fuel that is consumed by competing models, meaning that the overall carbon footprint is significantly improved. Each new Gravely vehicle now incorporates an engine that is designed to reduce fuel consumption, and lower operating costs will always grab the buyer’s attention.

All of these indications show that there is a real public appetite for reducing fuel usage and emissions. The added government legislation has now made it mandatory for manufacturers to fight against climate change in this way.

Campaign groups such as Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth are always willing to add their support to the issue. In the future, the EU and other major political institutions may decide to increase subsidies that are offered to farmers to help purchase ‘green’ machinery – at the very least there could be tax incentives to reduce emissions on the farm.

How Can You Install a Fence While Respecting the Environment?



Wood fence

Photo: cloturesentinelle.com

The installation of a fence is the answer to a necessity of securing a home, a commercial building or perhaps a road.  Nevertheless, the need to fence-in is accompanied more and more frequently by an at least equal desire to preserve the environment.  Indeed, a large number of citizens are (finally) being conscientious that their quality of life depends in large part on respecting the environment and that from now on the equipment involved must combine functionality and ecological imperatives.  The fence, in its function of delimiting a landscape, fragments the latter and participates in the regression of biodiversity.  Nonetheless, there exists the means to alleviate the effects, through specific adjustments.

Natural Fences

Weave fencing

Photo: burwashwonderwood.com

Natural fences – thorny or rustic hedges, for example – offer an important habitat for fauna and serve as biological corridors.  On the other hand, they don’t give the same guarantees as artificial ones.  It is now possible to associate them with environmental protection, by limiting firstly the impact of installation, in a selective choice of the materials and in the upkeep that they require.  It is important to know that fences play an important role nevertheless for the small fauna of our neighborhoods.  Indeed, they serve as a filter for certain species and as ecological niches in substitution for animals that lost their natural habitat.  Certain modifications to fences, whether they are made of wood, chain-link or iron, facilitate the saving of fauna and in this way respect the environment.

Fence-in While Protecting Animals

Several possibilities are available to lessen the barrier that can arise from this situation.  An opening of varying size at its base notably favors the passage of hares, while not losing sight, however, of the fact that such an opening can become a potential access point for stray dogs.  Placing a ladder on each side is ideal for the passage of foxes for example, on the condition that it is verified that the ladder can stand up to the weight of the animal but not that of a human being.  The functionality would be, in this case, totally inadequate.  One can otherwise cover the ladders with ivy, and thus increase the ecological potential of the modification.

Vegetating Fences 

The solution of vegetating fences combines three important criteria: the security is not put in question because it remains, but covered in vegetation the ladder forms a garden or a vertical ecosystem, allowing, additionally, the creation of a landscape in correlation with the environment.  It becomes then an object of decoration, but not only.  It also fulfills a role as a refuge or a feeder for birds and mammals, and establishes a micro-climate, improving the quality of the air, among other things.  It is thus possible today to fence-in our homes without closing ourselves off to the world that surrounds us.

The benefits that come with digitalizing your accounts


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Accounting services come in a range of different types. There are companies that work solely on their clients accounting needs, and there are even freelancers who offer the same services. However, one of the major problems that we face these days is the amount of wasted paper that is consumed within the accounting industry. However, there are things that can be done in order to combat this issue. One thing that accounting companies can do in order to save on paper wastage is to transform all paper work to digital files that can be viewed and edited on a computer. Here are some of the many benefits that come with digitalizing your accounts.

Drastically Reduce Paper Wastage

As mentioned above, paper wastage is a huge issue these days. There are millions of well established companies out there that waste thousands of sheets of paper every single day. Many people fail to realize that they can drastically reduce their paper wastage by turning all of their accounting paperwork into digital files. This takes very little time, and will offer many other advantages in the long run.

Much More Efficient

Storing all of your accounting paperwork in boxes around the office can make it very difficult to organize. It also makes it near impossible to locate the files that you need when you need them. However, when these files are stored in digital databases, they can be accessed with the click of a button. This makes accounting highly efficient, and much less time consuming.

Far More Secure

The main problem with storing accounting details physically is the fact that they are not secure in the slightest. This means that anyone can gain access to them. However, when you store all of your accounting files digitally you can secure them with passwords and locks. This means that they are far safer than if they were not stored digitally. The simple fact is that we all need to be doing everything that we can in order to help the environment. Although we may not realize it, we can all do our own bit to help the planet. One of the best things that you can do, if you are in charge of accounting services, is to transfer all of your accounting files to a digital database. You can do your bit from the environment and save yourself a lot time and stress in the process.

Moving companies are reducing gas emissions


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Moving companies are reducing gas emissions and going green.

Residential movers are starting to think outside the box and find ways to go green. As an example of this, instead of offering cardboard boxes, moving companies are offering plastic bins. Other measures to control the amount of waste or the excessive consumption are trucks that run on biodiesel fuel and paperless price quotes and. Nowadays moving homes does not have to be harmful to the environment.

Many moving and storage companies in the world have become aware of the environmental threat that their companies represent and the delicate state of the planet. Among their main goals are: to provide the best professional moving services for residential and corporate moves, whether across the country across town or around the world. But also they want to put their customers’ minds at ease by being sensitive to the environment thus anticipating the customer’s needs.

The interest in the ecology and concern about the health and aesthetical conditions of the place where we live is exponentially rising. The actions that various companies have taken to lessen their vehicles environmental impact, recycle materials and reduce moving waste are setting the example for other moving companies which do not want to fall behind in the ecological movement. Every moving company is constantly looking for ways to minimize the impact that their companies have on the environment. The effort that these companies make to protect their customers’ most valuable belongings is nowadays the same effort they put into protecting their natural resources.

A few of the ways in which the eco-friendly companies reduce their ecological footprint are :
• Electronic delivery of contracts, proposals and forms
• Rechargeable electronic devices
• Low emmission LP gas powered forklifts
• Recycling program for cardboard, office materials, vehicle fluids and electronics
• Pick up and recycle program for used boxes
• Reusable tote option reduces decreases corrugated cardboard waste and tape usage.

Other ways the moving companies find to reduce their ecological footprint is to give advice to customers about the best way of moving their items to reduce their environmental impact. They give advice on efficient packing in order to make the fewest number of trips as possible, thus saving gasoline.

The first piece of advice they give are: to pack smaller items inside larger ones and try to fill the boxes completely. Another piece of advice is to measure the furniture and boxes to make sure they get the right size truck so they are not hiring a bigger truck than they need and they will not need to hire another truck in case some of their things do not enter on the truck. For long distance movers, they advice to hire trucks fueled with biodiesel or hybrid trucks.

Hot Stamp Foils, an eco-friendly choice !


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Foilgrafix logo


Foilgrafix offers a great option of hot stamp foils of the best quality. The hot stamp foils can be used on diverse coatings, print finishes and substrates like for example plastics and on graphic materials such as:

  • signs
  • coated paper
  • book covers
  • poster boards, etc.

These products have a wide “window of workability”to imprint over and they are extremely versatile, which makes them economical and ecological in the long run because these are not disposable hot stamp foils but they last for a long while and provide superior results.

There is a variety of offers of high opacity gloss for graphics applications. There is also an easy releasing and clean cutting foil developed for high speed marking onto Polypropylene tubing, films, medical grade PVC and containers.  The flat matte foils are designed for multiple substrates and it has the advantage of having a fine line definition being suitable for low temperature, high speed applications. The great choice of hot stamp foils also ensures that the products are useful to the customers and therefore they are not discarded but they are kept by their owners for a long time.


There are also custom-made foils to satisfy customer specified needs. In order to improve the usability of these foils, they are designed to meet every kind of application requirements, thus providing the customers with the product they need and avoiding the necessity of replacing the product for a new one for a long while.

Other services that ensure the usefulness of the products are the hot stamp foils with custom slitting and cutting and foil conversion, which ensure the right quantity and size of hot stamp. There is also a very helpful technical support and custom service to answer every question about hot stamp requirements.

Hot stamp foils will decorate and enhance products in numerous printing applications, and in a broad range of industries. These ecologically friendly products can be used in plastic products, picture frames, promotional items, pharmaceutical

Eco Friendly Productpackaging products, party supplies, and everything that can be imagined. These foils will add a durable finish and an attractive look to any product.

They are functional and decorative and their consumer friendliness guarantees that they are being used and do not become rubbish thus contaminating the environment.  These transfer foils come in bold solid colors and are available in a wide variety of patterns; they also come in bright metallic colors like gold, red and silver.This is without a doubt an article for changing planet.


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