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A large group of people take up residence in the world’s prison system, making the need for an enhanced prison security system even greater than before. The proper installation and implementation of a prison security system can mean the difference between order and chaos.

Prison Security

Prison guardMaintaining order in a prison is important to the upkeep of the quality of life for both the inmates and prison guards. Although there are many security systems that can accurately sound a warning in a time of crisis, there are only a few that can provide protection on a personal level. The best prison security systems combine duress alarms with personal wireless panic buttons for each guard. This ensures a timely collective response in the event of a riot, injury, or escape attempt. Although these things occur very rarely in many prison settings, preparing for the worst can be a main factor in saving one or more lives.

Prison Security System Installation

As with any setting, prison security system installation must be very flexible. Most prisons are built differently and have different layouts and inmate confinement areas. In an old institution with concrete walls, it may be detrimental to the prison’s budget to install a hardwired security system. In cases like this, a wireless prison security system is the perfect alternative. Each guard is notified individually if a crisis occurs, and this increases the likelihood of a timely response. Situations that are handled quickly and efficiently often end without incident.

Benefits of a Wireless Prison Security System


Although a wired prison security system is perfectly acceptable, there are a few reasons why it may be more efficient and cost effective to opt for a wireless system. Of these, the most important is the regular communication checks between the central units and receivers as well as the regular battery tests. These are all done behind the scenes, and any problems are immediately reported to the prison security system monitors. Also, wireless prison security systems often incorporate the use of a man down alarm, and this can be a life-saving tool for an unlucky guard who may find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Man Down Alarm

Prison security system

A man down alarm is very similar to a wireless panic button but can also be motion activated. For instance, if a prison guard stops all movement for more than five seconds, a man down alarm is sent to a communication hub within the prison. At this point, the communication hub can see the guard’s name and exact location within the building. They will attempt to make contact with the guard and obtain information, but even if the guard was subdued and rendered unconscious his location is still known by others within the building. This is the main difference between a wired and wireless prison security system. Although a man down alarm can be purchased separately, its incorporation into the prison security system often makes it more effective.

A good prison security system can mean the difference between life and death for guards and inmates alike. In a prison environment, maintaining order is the most important job a prison guard has. The prison security system keeps all guards within a prison in the know at all times.