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Foilgrafix offers a great option of hot stamp foils of the best quality. The hot stamp foils can be used on diverse coatings, print finishes and substrates like for example plastics and on graphic materials such as:

  • signs
  • coated paper
  • book covers
  • poster boards, etc.

These products have a wide “window of workability”to imprint over and they are extremely versatile, which makes them economical and ecological in the long run because these are not disposable hot stamp foils but they last for a long while and provide superior results.

There is a variety of offers of high opacity gloss for graphics applications. There is also an easy releasing and clean cutting foil developed for high speed marking onto Polypropylene tubing, films, medical grade PVC and containers.  The flat matte foils are designed for multiple substrates and it has the advantage of having a fine line definition being suitable for low temperature, high speed applications. The great choice of hot stamp foils also ensures that the products are useful to the customers and therefore they are not discarded but they are kept by their owners for a long time.


There are also custom-made foils to satisfy customer specified needs. In order to improve the usability of these foils, they are designed to meet every kind of application requirements, thus providing the customers with the product they need and avoiding the necessity of replacing the product for a new one for a long while.

Other services that ensure the usefulness of the products are the hot stamp foils with custom slitting and cutting and foil conversion, which ensure the right quantity and size of hot stamp. There is also a very helpful technical support and custom service to answer every question about hot stamp requirements.

Hot stamp foils will decorate and enhance products in numerous printing applications, and in a broad range of industries. These ecologically friendly products can be used in plastic products, picture frames, promotional items, pharmaceutical

Eco Friendly Productpackaging products, party supplies, and everything that can be imagined. These foils will add a durable finish and an attractive look to any product.

They are functional and decorative and their consumer friendliness guarantees that they are being used and do not become rubbish thus contaminating the environment.  These transfer foils come in bold solid colors and are available in a wide variety of patterns; they also come in bright metallic colors like gold, red and silver.This is without a doubt an article for changing planet.