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Moving companies are reducing gas emissions and going green.

Residential movers are starting to think outside the box and find ways to go green. As an example of this, instead of offering cardboard boxes, moving companies are offering plastic bins. Other measures to control the amount of waste or the excessive consumption are trucks that run on biodiesel fuel and paperless price quotes and. Nowadays moving homes does not have to be harmful to the environment.

Many moving and storage companies in the world have become aware of the environmental threat that their companies represent and the delicate state of the planet. Among their main goals are: to provide the best professional moving services for residential and corporate moves, whether across the country across town or around the world. But also they want to put their customers’ minds at ease by being sensitive to the environment thus anticipating the customer’s needs.

The interest in the ecology and concern about the health and aesthetical conditions of the place where we live is exponentially rising. The actions that various companies have taken to lessen their vehicles environmental impact, recycle materials and reduce moving waste are setting the example for other moving companies which do not want to fall behind in the ecological movement. Every moving company is constantly looking for ways to minimize the impact that their companies have on the environment. The effort that these companies make to protect their customers’ most valuable belongings is nowadays the same effort they put into protecting their natural resources.

A few of the ways in which the eco-friendly companies reduce their ecological footprint are :
• Electronic delivery of contracts, proposals and forms
• Rechargeable electronic devices
• Low emmission LP gas powered forklifts
• Recycling program for cardboard, office materials, vehicle fluids and electronics
• Pick up and recycle program for used boxes
• Reusable tote option reduces decreases corrugated cardboard waste and tape usage.

Other ways the moving companies find to reduce their ecological footprint is to give advice to customers about the best way of moving their items to reduce their environmental impact. They give advice on efficient packing in order to make the fewest number of trips as possible, thus saving gasoline.

The first piece of advice they give are: to pack smaller items inside larger ones and try to fill the boxes completely. Another piece of advice is to measure the furniture and boxes to make sure they get the right size truck so they are not hiring a bigger truck than they need and they will not need to hire another truck in case some of their things do not enter on the truck. For long distance movers, they advice to hire trucks fueled with biodiesel or hybrid trucks.